Demolition Areas project

In China, because of the rapid economic development, a lot of the original residential land was levied as commercial land or public facilities land. At the start of the new construction, the old buildings in the demolition areas will not be completely removed, so some people may return to the region and continue to live before new construction. To prevent those troubles the government or developers will destroy parts of the old buildings to make it no longer meet the living conditions. The enclosed and small living areas, which are composed of half-destroyed buildings and people who don't want to move, are called demolition areas.

After a half-year-exproration in a demolition area I have collected a lot of remnants to make my works.I took many photos and made a series of installations, organized a tour of demolition and made some videos.


Give a warm hug to sad sculptures                                                                                           ︎︎︎

This group of sculptures, titled "Rent Collection Courtyard” , it is a sculpture created on the eve of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, their content is to describe the exploitation of the peasant class by the landlord class. What are the sources of our historical knowledge? In different versions of history, the good and evil of a character may be placed in very different positions. How should we view history? The empathy also seems to be the recognition of the position of the writer of history.